Mount of Olives

Israel Cemetery Protection

In 2010, Shas Olami was instrumental in establishing the International Conference for the Protection of the Mount of Olives Cemetery (Har Zeitim). At this time there was serious vandalism and security problems. Visitors to Har Zeitim were often attacked with rocks by the local population. We took upon ourselves the mission of improving security at this historical graveyard in Jerusalem, where many great Rabbis are buried.

Knesset Member Rabbi Yoav Ben-Tzur, Chairman of the Shas Party, created a special lobby in the Knesset for the protection of the Mount of Olives, in collaboration with other political parties and with the support of Jews throughout the world. Thanks to our efforts, the Israeli government erected a fence around the graveyard, placed 170 security cameras around the site, opened a police station in the area, and restored more than 20,000 tombstones. These improvements have enabled more people to visit Har Zeitim.

The next stage of our project is to build a tourist information center on Har Zeitim that will serve the general Jewish public who visit the Mount of Olives Cemetery from all over the world, which will encourage the further development and preservation of this important and holy site for future generations.