Vision & Goals

The goal of Shas Olami is to unite and strengthen Sephardic Jewry around the world and to advance their interests. This includes developing educational activities for Sephardic  Jewish youth and teens throughout the world, strengthening the pride and security of Jewish society, standing up to our enemies, promoting action against assimilation, and strengthening the spirituality of all Jewish communities throughout the globe.

Since the days of the Talmud, the Rambam and Maran HaBeit Yosef zt”l, the rabbis of Middle Eastern Jewry designed the character of the Torah world and its Halachic rulings. Thousands of rabbis and community leaders from the Sephardic diaspora played an essential part in shaping the Jewish world. Sadly, the bitter exile and many expulsions caused Sephardic Jewry such a difficult journey that its traditions were almost forgotten, until our beloved Chief Rabbi of Israel, Maran HaRav Ovadya Yosef zt”l came to reunite the Sephardic world and return our heritage to its original glory. In the spirit of his legacy, the Council of Torah Sages established Shas Olami as the international branch of the Shas political party in Israel, working together with the World Union of Sephardic Rabbis, to advance the interests of Sephardic Jewry throughout the Jewish world.

Shas Olami stands for:

Ensuring the future of the Jewish people by furthering Jewish and Zionist education

Combating assimilation through Jewish Identity and Jewish Pride

Pursuing Jewish unity and fostering respect for all Jews

Fostering the centrality of Israel of the Home of the Jewish People by facilitating Aliyah and populating the Land of Israel

Helping to distribute the funds allocated by Israel and the World Zionist Organization for Jewish Education and Jewish Identity, and securing its distribution to Sephardic educational institutions

Instilling a love of Torah values and the appreciation of Mitzvot

Promoting spiritual & cultural Sephardic values and heritage

Defending the rights of Jews anywhere in the world against all manifestations of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism