Vote for a Sephardic Voice

Sephardic Jewry has always been treated as an unimportant minority in the Jewish world, despite the significant size of our communities in Israel and around the world, and strong adherence to Jewish tradition throughout the centuries. Our interests are often sidelined and we are not invited to the table when major policy decisions are made.

Vote for Shas Olami

Shas Olami is the official party of Sephardic Zionism in the World Zionist Congress, working closely with the Shas Party in Israel and endorsed by the Council of Torah Sages.  If you want Sephardic organizations to have a voice in the World Zionist Organization and a share of their budget, we need your vote! Your vote will ensure that Sephardic Jews have a voice in the international parliament of the Jewish People for the next 5 years.

Online Elections – Who Can Vote?

If you live in the United States and if you are over 18, you can vote in the WZO elections for the delegates that will represent the American Jewish community at the World Zionist Congress in 2020. The elections are taking place online from January 21 – March 11, 2020. Voting just takes a few minutes and can be done from any computer or telephone.

How to Vote

  1. Visit the WZO website:
  2. Join the World Zionist Organization by paying the $7.50 membership fee
  3. Click that you agree with the WZO’s Jerusalem Statement (which simply sets out the central principles of modern Zionism)
  4. Vote for candidates from the Shas Olami list
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Make Your Voice Heard!

  1. Your vote will send delegates from the Shas Olami slate to the 2020 World Zionist Congress and help to strengthen world Jewry in accordance with Sephardic traditions and Torah values.

The deadline for voting is approaching and every vote counts!