World Zionist Organization

The World Zionist Congress

The World Zionist Organization was instrumental in the founding and running of the Jewish State. Its policies are set by the World Zionist Congress, whose 500 delegates meet in Jerusalem every five years. These delegates have significant influence on the ideology of Israeli society, the global Jewish agenda, and the funding and management of Jewish organizations and educational institutions in Israel and the Diaspora.

Jewish education in the Diaspora

The World Zionist Organization promotes Jewish and Hebrew education in the Diaspora, dispensing funding to schools and informal education institutions according to a budget set by WZC delegates.

Jewish youth movements

The WZO funds Jewish youth movements, with preference given to movements that reflect the WZC’s political agenda.

Influence in America

The World Zionist Congress directly influences what American Jewish children learn about Judaism and Zionism, and the decisions that they make about their future Jewish identity.

Political Influence

The World Zionist Congress directly influences Jewish status issues that affect Jews all over the world.

In the 2015 elections, the Association of Reform Zionists of America won 56 seats in the World Zionist Congress, making them the largest caucus from North America. This enabled them to direct $20 million to the Reform movement in Israel and to fund worldwide Progressive youth movements, and to appoint key professionals to implement their anti-Torah values within Israel’s national institutions.

The Reform caucus in the WZC is campaigning for recognition of non-Orthodox rabbis, marriages and conversions in Israel and around the world.

The World Zionist Organization receives its budget from the United Israel Appeal, the United Jewish Appeal and the Israeli government. If you donate to the UIA or the UJA, you should have a say in how your money is spent

The WZO runs the Jewish Agency, promoting Aliyah and helping new immigrants to settle in Israel. It also oversees the KKL Jewish National Fund, whose activities include ecological and infrastructure projects and education

The WZC in 2015 voted for the Reform and Conservative movements to receive $600,000 annually from the WZO to build its Israeli religious movements, and for an egalitarian (mixed) prayer space at The Kotel

Influence in Israel

The World Zionist Congress directly influences the Israeli political agenda and the funding priorities of its major non-governmental organizations.

“Parliament of the Jewish People”

The 38th World Zionist Congress will convene in Jerusalem in October 2020. Elections in January – March 2020 will decide which North American delegates will represent the Jewish nation. It is important that the voice of Sephardic Jewry is heard strongly in this “Parliament of the Jewish People”, to ensure that its funds and policies are directed towards Jewish identity and Torah education, including the activities of orthodox educational institutions in Israel, the United States and around the world.